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Milpitas Star Aquatics & Fitness currently offers swimming lessons to the following levels:

Swimming lesson duration:

40 minute for Goldfish, Sea Lion, Sting Ray, Dolphin, Marlin, Shark, Killer whale, and ADULT 30 minute for Starfish, and Seahorse

Instructor to student ratio:

1 : 4 for Starfish, Seahorse 1 : 5 for Goldfish, Sea Lion, Sting Ray, Dolphin, Marlin 1 : 6-7 for Shark, Killer Whale, and Adult

Fee structure (New):

Milpitas Star Aquatics New Price
Group Lesson $ 37.00 per class
Semi Lesson 30 Minutes    (Beginner Level) $ 53.00 per class
Semi Lesson 40 Minutes $ 67.00 per class
Private Lesson 30 Minutes (Beginner Level) $ 99.00 per class
Private Lesson 40 Minutes $125.00 per class

Per biological and exercise physiological studies, the class duration for each group in our program fits best for student’s physical and mental maturity level. If too long, students lose their attention due to physical and mental fatigue. If too short, students have no adequate time for learning and practice. The both extremes could cause adverse effect on their learning results from the swimming lesson. As shown, we maintain a low instructor to student ratio and proper time duration, thus, students have adequate individual attention and practice time during class to maximize their learning results.

Our program design and fee schedule offers to students the best value for their swimming learning experience in our state of art indoor aquatic center.


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Please make yourself familiar with the group level and time slot.

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What Sets Us Apart

  • Olympic Champion Coaches
  • Convenient Hours & Location
  • Youth Swim Classes Available
  • Variety Of Membership Options Available