Fitness Facility

At MSTF, we are not a huge franchise that offers you gimmicks and pressured sales member tactics; what we believe in is personal service in a professional manner that allows you the freedom to work on your fitness and health goals stress free. Our memberships offer swimming and weight-training for you and your entire family to enjoy a fun active healthy lifestyle.

GYM Membership Application Form

Memberships: MSTF offers two memberships

Aqua (Pool & Fitness Center Access)

  • Lap Swim: 25 yd heated seven lane pool (depth: 4 – 7 ft)
  • Family Swim: 20 yd heated shallow pool (depth 3 – 5 ft)
  • Pre/Post Shower Rinsing area

Gold (Fitness Center Access Only)

  • Cardio Machines: Treadmills, Ellipticals, Rower, Stairmills, and an assortment of bikes: Spinning, Upright Stationary, and Recumbent
  • Weight machines: Leg press, Seated Leg Curls, Abductor/Adductor, Chest Press, Lat Pull-down, Seated Row, 5 Stack Cable Pulley system, Assisted Chin Up/ Dip, & Free Motion Dual Axis Cable Cross
  • Free Weights: Smith Machine, Squat Rack, Bench Press, DB’s, and Adjustable benches
  • Synergy 360: click for video
  • Hi-Definition TV screens
  • Men & Women Locker Rooms with shower access and daily locker usage
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room

Membership Schedules

What Sets Us Apart

  • Olympic Champion Coaches
  • Convenient Hours & Location
  • Youth Swim Classes Available
  • Variety Of Membership Options Available